Generating Buzz for Your Business

Bumble PR, at its heart, is a buzz shop for start-ups and small businesses focused on healthcare IT and consumer health. We generate the right mix of awareness and excitement for your message, to the people who matter most: physicians and patients.

Public relations today is about building relationships and managing them through regular, consistent, effective information that keeps your product or services front of mind.

Every company and organization operates most effectively when its goals, objectives and performance are clearly understood and appreciated by its target audiences. To that end, Bumble PR helps you “tell your story” in an articulate, strategic and consistent manner.

About Principal Amanda Griffith

Amanda Griffith headshot

Principal Amanda Sina Griffith has planned and executed media relations and PR campaigns for more than 10 years. Specializing in healthcare IT and consumer health, Griffith applies the broad experience and customer insights she gained both in-house and agency-side to create effective strategies and tactics that deliver results. An ambitious, detail-oriented marketing and communication professional, Griffith maintains a multi-faceted skill set in marketing, promotions, public relations, research and event planning. Her diverse background combines excellent pitching, writing and client relations skills with the organization, diligence and persistence that come with managing multiple PR, marketing and general communications projects and contracts.

Griffith’s strong organizational and multi-tasking abilities and proven managerial experience, along with stellar interpersonal skills enable her to uniquely find, analyze and present information using a disciplined and refined approach.

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